Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Skinny" French Toast and an emotional day

Hey blogworld,

Today started out well but has slowly become more of an emotional, stressful, and just all around grumpy day.

The one really good thing about today was my breakfast :) oh and my dinner :) haha, basically the only part of my day that was really good was the food. For breakfast I made "skinny" french toast with a whole wheat english muffin. I took the whole wheat english muffin and totally dunked it in egg whites. After grilling this I put some cinnamon on it along with a tbsp of reduced fat peanut butter. DELISH! too bad the rest of the day went downdill (til dinner of course).

Ugh, my day was filled with people and their PROBLEMS. Problems I did NOT want not care about, let alone deal with. I didnt care whose billing got messed up or whose hastring got pulg aed. I was told about a mistake I made on the fitness sales report and almost started to cry. I hate these days. When everything little thing gets to you and you have no idea why. All week I had been planning a special dinner with Stephen for this night, and was just counting down the hours until I was eating a fantastic dinner with my fantastic husband :)

I made parmasean and walnut stuffed pork tenderloin with honey glazed baby carrots and baked sweet potatoes :) My hubs has been working so hard and such long hours at the new job so I wanted to make him a really special dinner. He loved it :)

So, with my re-filled glass of wine I am going to toast to a better tomorrow :) Heres hoping.

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