Tuesday, July 7, 2009

About Me

I am a woman, a wife, a recovering bulimic, and a constant work in progress. I decided in the beginning of 2009 that I wanted to live a healthier life. Little did I know this would develop into more than a battle with weight and nutrition. I realized I was drifting through my life in a fog. I had a job I hated in an industry I was no longer passionate about. I had extreme anxiety issues and felt myself leaning back toward my old stress relieving ways, bingeing and purging. I was no longer the positive, happy, and "full of life" person I used to be. I was desperate to get back to the me I was before I became the me that I am. I had some very hard decisions to make, including quitting my very well paying job and pursuing a new career in an industry that I was passionate about but had no experience in.

Follow me as I continue to make hard decisions regarding my life, my career, my health, and my weight loss. On this blog I hope to share my ups and downs in my everyday battle with bulimia, my day to day thoughts on trying to live a life I love, and which path I take when I come to the proverbial "fork in the road"

Likes: pink, latte's, running, my husband, Oprah, good sushi, great wine, being awake, liberal politics, learning to cook and learning about nutrition, sleeping in a cold room, Frasier reruns, the smell of fresh cut grass and baking apples (not together), flowers for no reason, trying new beer, pineapple.

Dislikes/Annoyances: people who are chronically late, cheese on veggies, conservative politics, dark brown.

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