Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday

Well today is Weigh In Wednesday and I stepped up to the scale to take credit for everything I did (or didnt) do this week! My weight this morning was 161.8, which is up just a tad from last week. No worries though :) I did everything right last week, exercised and ate right, but the scale just did not budge. I am going to try a few new group fitness classes this week and see if shaking up my routine will help at all :)

Todays Food:

Breakfast (pre workout)
1 large peach
1 piece dry rye toast

Breakfast (post workout)
1 cup Basic 4 Cereal
.5 cup vanilla soy milk

Favorite salad ever! (will post on this soon)

1 large red peper cut into strips
2 Tbsp Sabra Roasted red pepper humus. If anyone has not tried this you NEED to! Its really amazing!!!

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