Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Operation Florida: Day 2- 165.2. And first day of BOOT CAMP!

Hey blog world :) So today is day 2 od "Operation Florida" and I weighed in at 165.2. I forgot how much my weight can fluctuate from day to day! At first I was really nervous because it was a 1.6 pound loss in just one day, but then I remembered it is probably just water weight. But it did feel good to know that I am headed in the right direction.

Today was also my first day of BOOT CAMP! I signed up for this exercise program that is two days a week in the morning a little while ago. It is at the gym I used to work at with one of my favorite trainers, Krystal! It was an hour of constant circuit training. After a brief warm up Krystal explained what we would do in each station.

Station 1: one foot on floor, one foot on step. Squat down for three and shoot your body weight up so you are standing on the leg that is on the step (not sure if i explained that correctly. I wish I had pictures!!!). Do 5 times then switch legs.

Station 2: crunches. crunches. crunches.

Station 3: Dead lifts with a barbell.

Station 4: power push ups

Station 5: Krystal had a resistance band wrapped around a pole. Acting like the resistance band was a "lawn mower starter" (hehe) and pull while twisting. This one really worked the core!

I think that was all the stations. After we went through the stations once, Krystal has us get on a cardio machine (I chose the stair master since I am so used to the treadmile. I forgot how hard this is!) and we sprinted for 30 second and jogged" for 1 min and 30 sec. We did these intervals for 6 minutes and then went back for more stations. We did the stations and cardio rotations for an entire hour. Wow. I consider myself to be in good shape, but this was HARD! I am always looking for ways to shake up my workout, and this definately did the trick :)

On the work front, I love love love my new job :) I am finding it so facsinating and really loving the people and everything I'm learning. There is SO much to learn about hedge funds and how they work, and I really look forward to diving right in! Its also nice to have my own desk again, especially since I try to eat every 2 hours or so. Not having your own space can make this difficult and awkward. I love having my own desk because I can put my lunch box underneath (filled to the brim with tuper wear!) and I can pull out my veggies, fruits, and lunch whenever I need to. Today I had...

Oatmeal, almond butter, apple, and soy milk

Snack after boot camp (omg I was staving):
mango and strawberries

Salad with romaine, spinach, 2 oz salmon, 1/2 cup kidney beans, red onion, feta, and 1 Tbsp walnuts

1 chopped cucumber, 1/2 sweet potatoe

1 cup whole wheat pasta with pesto and tofu
small spinach salad with red onion.

Have a great day all!!!

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