Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Operation Florida" Day 162.8 lbs.

Wow, what a week so far! I have dropped about 4 pounds, but it is defiantely mosty water weight. I have no restricted myself at all but have made lots of little changes and upped my exercise a bit. I think after this week of the "bloat" from the past few weekends (homecoming, my nephews birthday party, etc.) has come off, the weight should start to come off in a more steady fashion. I forgot how exciting it is to lose weight :) Love it!

The changes I have made have been small but have (clearly) made a big impact. For one thing, I have made most of my meals veggie based instead of meat or carb based. For example, last night I had roasted brussel sprouts with tofu and mushrooms. This was cool because I can eat a ton, feel very satisfied, and still stay within appropriate cals. I have really started to see this week how the kinds of food we choose, not necessarily the calories in them, can make a big difference. I am truly seeing for the first time that not every calorie is created equal!!

Boot camp was awesome today! We did 3 stations and cardio. The stations incorporated squats, dead lifts, crunches, and push ups. The cardio was both steady state and intervals. We did not stop moving for the entire hour and it was so hard but so amazing! Tomorrow I am trying my first spinning class at the new gym! I am super excited because there is nothing like a good spin session :)

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  1. I hope you liked spin!! I haven't tried it but it looks like fun! And congrats the weight loss - keep it up!